Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Why do birds suddenly appear?

A new day, a new look. It's not quite there yet, and for the moment, I can't alter certain aspects of the site, like colors and that weird background blob near the top.

It's making me cranky, so I'm going to take some vitamin CH (chocolate!) and go to bed. Thanks for your patience--pamela

Today was much better. The mouth sores continue to be a major literal pain, even though I'm alternating two different types of prescription mouthwash. One has benadryl in it, so I am using that during evenings and nights.

She's sleeping now, after going all day without a nap. School was much better for her today, thank goodness. I didn't want to fight that war, because she HAS to attend classes. Today she said that her teachers are nice, and since there was no homework, all is right in the educational world of the RMDH. LOL.

All she will eat is chicken or beef broth with seashell pasta and lots of butter, with hot chocolate to drink. As long as she is eating something, I guess it really doesn't matter what it is. I hope by the weekend she's able to eat food with more "ooomph" to it.

Tomorrow, there will be classes for her in the morning, then labs and a visit to Dr. Wolff in the afternoon. I wouldn't be surprised if some physical therapy gets worked in later in the day as well.

Hey, a bird flew into Shannon's head when he was working in the yard yesterday. What the heck does that mean??? Anyone want to venture a theory??? Maybe it was just attracted to the shiny surface...LOL. I really hope it means, "man who gets hit in head by wayward bird wins lottery."

And as always, my daily thank-yous to EVERYONE...the local mailman here is probably wondering why his load is so much heavier these days!!!

Shannon's driving down on Friday...12 hours. Yikes. That means only one thing to Sahara and me - SUPER TARGET ON SATURDAY! WOOO HOOOOOOOO!!! (Oh yeah, and we can't wait to see him, either! LOL.)

Tons of love to everybody,