Sunday, August 13, 2006

Celebrate good times (come on)

Anyone hungry for a burger? Hot dog? Brownie bite? Because we have tons of them leftover! Come on over. We'll grill 'em up and cheer Sahara on.

The party was great, but work is looming just around the corner, so I'll keep this one short.

There have been so many miracles since this whole thing started--for those of you who have opened your hearts, thank you--from the family, and from me, because you amaze us all with your kindness and generosity. Thank you, everyone, for wrapping Sahara in a giant blanket of love.

This is Amy's Saturday report:

Another fine catered meal tonight...more barbecue! More brisket, along with smoked chicken, potato salad, a wonderful slaw that had apple slices and sesame seeds, and...peach cobbler for dessert. I'm gonna get fat on all of these regular meals.

Sahara did much better today. We had a good time. She felt like getting up and moving about, ate well, played cards and games, etc. It was a really pleasant afternoon and we all enjoyed it.

It was another Christmas-like day, too!!! Special thanks to the Krauss family, Jim and Linda Glover, the Todd family, the Senn family, Dr. Branson, our mystery writer from Lubbock (bless you), the incredible Packy, and everyone who is sending cards and letters! You ALL helped make this day a very good one indeed!!!

We love you guys so much. Hope you had a great day!