Monday, August 21, 2006

The moody blues

Most Mondays I am cooped up in an office, writing about cars and the people who love them. Now, given my own genetic passion for shiny European coupes and the power of words, that is actually not a bad thing. But on a few precious Mondays each summer, I can take the day off.

Today was one of those special days and beyond this morning's update, I vowed to stay off the computer and actually do something fun. After folding a big stack of laundry (woo hoo!) I ventured out to the spa and had the royal treatment. Sometimes there is nothing more uplifting than red toenails.

And if that wasn't enough, my husband and I jumped in his convertible and drove down to the south shore, heading east on Ocean Parkway with the top down, a clear blue sky, and dunes and navy ocean on our right. Aside from the fact that my hair is still insane, it was wonderful. We hit some little shops, had incredible BBQ for lunch, listened to the blues, and came back the same way. Swam a little, then curled up for a nap with a pretty quilt. Ahhhh.

Every Monday should be so good. Sahara, tomorrow when you are feeling low, imagine yourself in the backseat. (You can omit the parts where I'm screaming Watch the road! Ach! Car! Oh! Don't drive off the bridge!) Take a deep breath, smell the ocean. Forget the tumor for a moment, forget that you miss home more than you ever thought possible. Just feel the wind on your cheeks, the sun on your face, and catch the music in the air.

Sahara's been really tired today, as well as sick several times. I expected it this time, though, and it was easier to deal with (at least for me).

She didn't eat very much, but hopefully she stored up some calories from the weekend. God bless the angels who have sent the wonderful artsy stuff...stickers, scrapbook stuff, stencils, stamps, markers, pens...they came in SO handy today.

She didn't feel like leaving the room, so we piled all of those things in the middle of the bed and were crafty today. Anyone who knows me knows that I am NOT good with arts and one point Sahara said, "I really wish SHERYL was here." Yeah, yeah, yeah.

But the things we have make it so easy that even a nerd like me can make cool stuff. We made some cards, and we will get them mailed out tomorrow (hopefully!).

Sahara's highlight today (aside from the mail delivery!!!) was talking to Mrs. Hecht on the phone. We were up very early, and about 7:45 she told me she wanted to see if Mrs. Hecht could talk for a few minutes before school started. Thank goodness I still have the CMS phone number on speed dial!

I don't know who enjoyed that conversation more...I think they both had a great time chatting!!!

She had a moment of weakness this afternoon...I think she just felt so bad that she couldn't do anything but cry. I asked her what was wrong, and she just said,"everything." So we just snuggled up and took a nap. Sometimes that is a good answer, and often the only one I can offer.