Monday, August 07, 2006

Cookie Monster

I had a wonderful day with wonderful as one could hope for, considering the circumstances! She was bright-eyed and perky all day long. Full of sass and eating everything in sight. You'd never guess she has that evil thing in her head.

Shannon's been pretty miserable since he got home, but he seems to be doing better this evening. Our wonderful neighbors and church family are feeding and doting on him.

We've always been such an independent family...all of this is really hard to absorb. But it gets more real each day.

Rick's amazing fans are really gathering around us...I just finished reading some posts on the RickSpringfield Forever yahoo groups site, and I'm still crying over the things that these creative, wonderful folks are thinking up to raise money for our sweet girl. To each one of you, YOU ROCK. There are a lot of precious spirits out there in what we fondly call "The RickWorld."

It's kind of like a giant dysfunctional's not without problems, but just WATCH them get together for one of their own. Their power is unstoppable! Thanks to you ALL!!!

We read the blog every time we get a chance, and Sahara just sits there wide-eyed at the fact that all of these people are reading about her and leaving encouraging messages. It means the world to us!

Gotta go - cookies and milk are here. A perfect way to end a quiet Sunday, even if it's in a hospital twelve hours away from home.