Sunday, August 06, 2006

Chrome, smoke, and BBQ

It's Sunday morning and I know a lot of you will be speaking skyward about Sahara. Whether you're in a church, a temple, a mosque, a backyard pool, or a smoky joint that serves the best pulled pork on either side of the Mississippi, Sahara and her family are so grateful for your love and prayers. You may be a teacher, a friend, a Rickfan, a Parrothead, or someone who just heard.

Well, come on in. Join the shouting. You don't have to be religious here. Fix yourself a plate of something delicious, appreciate the bounty, and slip in a wish. Or two. That'll do.

On Amy's wishlist: a healthy child, a fluffy bed with soft pillows, and a plate of BBQ.

Turns out that the PICC line they put into Sahara's arm (instead of the central line we thought we were getting) will be removed on Monday morning...why?

You guessed order to put in a central line. I looked the doc straight in the eye and asked if we could have a refund for the PICC line. Oh, well, humor is lost on the humorless. (In quiet defense of the hospital, they had seven surgeries lined up and couldn't get Sahara into the central line "schedule" - so to get the chemo started, they inserted a PICC line.

I'd slap somebody to get some barbecue right now. There's a really good smellin' restaurant in the cafeteria, and I might try one of their sandwiches...I have seen the pork - and it looks goooood.

So much going on. She finished the second bag of chemo at 4:30 am. Still doing very well, eating and drinking, and smiling, which is sooo important. Hasn't been sick at all! YEAHHHH!

Shannon's flying back to work this week. We're trying to figure out a schedule. Yesterday we found out we will likely be here for 13 weeks instead of 6. Sahara's best friend's mom's sister lives in Houston. She's giving Shannon a ride to the airport. There are truly angels all around us.

It's a challenge keeping up with everything. I think I slept maybe an hour and a half total last night. But who's counting. As long as she's hanging in there, I will too.