Friday, August 11, 2006

She shoots, she scores

It's Friday! Here is New York, we are celebrating both a glorious, non-humid day--and the fact that a certain Rick Springfield is in the hood. For all of you who've been nice enough to ask, I can't be there tomorrow--we're hosting a barbecue for 50 people. Rick, if you are reading and feel like a burger or some real NY cheesecake, you just tell Amy and she'll get you the secret directions. We're about 5 minutes from Westbury Music Fair.

Amy and Sahara have been up and down over the last day. Care to hear why?

Sahara was given tickets to a Houston Comets game, and believe it or not, she actually felt like going last night. (She was tired from another all-day marathon of tests, getting her eyes dilated at the opthalmologist, and another hour and a half long MRI.)

Anyway, we took a cab to the game - at least we THOUGHT that's where we were going. We were very specific: Toyota Center. Not knowing where the heck we were, we didn't pay much attention when the cab stopped, obviously signaling that we were "there." Imagine our surprise when we discovered that we were NOT at the Toyota Center; oh, no - we were at MinuteMaid Park, smack in the middle of the chaos preceding the Astros game.

So, here's my sister and me, pushing Sahara in a wheelchair in downtown Houston, trying to find the Toyota Center. We asked a couple of people, who attempted to give us directions, and between the two, we surmised that we were between 1/2 and 1 mile from the place. We walked and walked and sweated and walked, but finally made it, just in time for opening lineups.

Note to self: take map of Houston along on cab rides. It was the second time in one day that a cab driver took us to the wrong place. OY! Anyway, the game was fun while we lasted; we left at halftime because S was so wiped out.

She was happywith her souvenirs and pretzel with cheese sauce. :) The trip back to the House was better - we had a driver who knew where he was going. Hallelujah!

Today is a rest day. She's feeling better, although still tired. A while ago I ran up to the hospital to pick up a package that had been delivered forSahara...extra special thanks today to Amy and Brad Blackman ((((((you guysssss))))). The cheesecake practically glowed with light from heaven when we opened the box. :) You are so sweet!!!!! Sahara can't wait to dig into it after dinner this evening.