Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Please Mr. Postman

They've escaped! Amy and Sahara have left the hospital with its 24-hour room service and needle-poking nurses of the night, and have officially moved into the Ronald McDonald House. It's just minutes from the hospital--and better yet, minutes from SuperTarget. Because when the Aldridge girls get away, there's always shopping.

Yesterday's surgery went well, and Amy's sister Sandy arrived in Houston this evening. Here are some highlights from Amy's Tuesday message--but before I go, please heed Amy's request and don't send food. Also, Ronald McDonald is allergic to cats, so don't send those either, no matter how much you think they'd cheer Sahara up. However, if either Rick Springfield or a cure can be stuffed into an envelope, mail away!

Today has been el sucko. She got sick this morning, has been woefully tired all day, and hasn't eaten much. This is the kind of day I've been dreading, and I know there will be a LOT more of them to come. Hoping for a better tomorrow.

I asked S about her favorite color for the wristbands and she said orange would be cool. She's really not particular about anything right now, though, so any color would just thrill her to pieces. I really love the idea of the wristbands. Sahara loves those things!

Sahara loves mail, and her address here is:

Ronald McDonald House Houston
1907 Holcolmbe Blvd.
Sahara Aldridge, Room 22
Houston, TX 77030

She received some cards today and lit up when she opened them. :)

No need to have food shipped in to me, although it's mighty sweet of all who have offered. We eat like royalty around here! Southwest Airlines catered a huge meal tonight and it was delicious.

Thanks to everyone who posts on the blog - we read them all and they mean so much!