Sunday, March 16, 2008


Hello, everyone,
After a lengthy bout with a very nasty cold, I think I'm getting healthy again. Why is it that so many folks have been so sick, so often this year? Germ warfare, I tell ya.

The grass is getting greener, the Easter flowers are popping up, and there is hope for actually surviving this awful winter we've had. I loved the snow, but the ice really did me in...I hope we never, ever have another ice storm.

Earlier today, Shannon (who has also been fighting another cold...I think he caught the leftovers of mine) began raking up some of the eight million twigs that have littered our yard since the storms. What a mess. This is the time of year that we look at our house and yard and think, wow, we have a lot of work to do. Perhaps we'll actually be able to tackle some of the larger projects now...everything that has taken a back seat for so long.

I'm looking forward to having a serious garden this year. I'm tired of paying two bucks for a red pepper and getting tasteless tomatoes at the grocery store. Digging in the dirt and seeing the benefits later this summer will be therapeutic, I think.

We went up to the MVTH horse barn a couple of evenings ago...we had a few checks for them, plus we wanted to see the progress that has been made on the barn since we were there last. I was teary-eyed as we drove up the lane, remembering how much Sahara loved to go riding at the barn.

When we walked inside, it was so wonderful to see so many freshly finished walls and new facilities (including a bathroom that Sahara would have been SO happy about!!!). The donations that all of you have made are definitely being put to good use, and you are providing so many blessings to the kids who attend lessons there.

It was so good to see Grayson again! She told us about some great things that are in the planning stages for MVTH, and we hope to be a part of them. They have so many needs and we truly want to help them out any way we can. I'll post here when I have more news of fundraising plans.

I suppose that every year at this time I'll be remembering the last spring break trip that Sahara and I took together. We always enjoyed planning all the fun stuff we wanted to do. In honor of that last spring fling, I'm including one of my favorite photos of her in the blog this time. Our trail ride in the desert was so great - and you can see the pure happiness on her face. I think this photo will explain why MVTH is so dear to our hearts. Sahara lost the use of her two legs, but they gave her four...and a bit of the joy and freedom she used to have.

Have a wonderful week.

With love,

Monday, March 03, 2008

Lift every voice

Many of you got to know (and love) Gramma Dooley here, and the luckiest ones of all got to know her, and her wonderful family, in person. Frances and her daughter Jen Hecht are two of the brightest lights in this whole story. Their love for Sahara went well beyond the moon and back. They prayed with all their hearts, gave joyfully, and led the charge, again and again.

Tonight, it's time to turn that around and give back. Gramma Dooley's beloved mother (and Jen's grandmother) passed away this morning. We all believe she's in a better place...but I know that Jen and Frances would be comforted by the thought that we're all saying a little prayer for them this week. You know what to do.