Monday, August 14, 2006

Potty breaks

Just in case you're interested, we've posted an address for a special bank account that's been set up to help cover Sahara's expenses while she's in Houston for treatment. If you look on the right sidebar of the blog, below the photo, profile, links, archives, and Blogger logo, you'll see two addresses. One is for cards and letters--the other is for contributions.

Of course, there are many ways to give--those of you who send little stories, jokes, and cheery thoughts or prayers are giving so generously from your hearts. Do what feels right for you.

Yesterday was a fabulous day! The only drag was that my sister had to fly back home, and we all cried. That was no fun. But after she left, we decided to take a cab to the magical land of SuperTarget! We bought groceries and other necessities, and Sahara bought some fun games.

If you haven't played Cadoo with your kids, go out and buy that game immediately. It's a scream. I swear, you could live in that store and never leave.

We got one of the electric wheelchairs forSahara...let's just say THAT was an adventure within itself. It gave me a whole new perspective on life as a physically challenged individual. Personal opinion here...every single one of us is probably guilty of getting annoyed at someone in a wheelchair now and then...they are slow, the chairs get in the way, etc...but if you ever are in the position of having to use one of them, you will see the other side of the coin.

It's tough! You are often made to feel as if you are a major inconvenience to someone's day. People jump to get in front of you, endangering themselves in the process. We didn't enjoy the attitude we were given by several shoppers. Gee, SORRY we have to use this wheelchair and ruin your otherwise perfect shopping experience!

I'll step off of the soapbox now...but please, to everyone reading, next time you encounter a person in a wheelchair, don't huff and puff if they happen to slow you down a bit. See if you could perhaps help them retrieve something on a high shelf that they can't possibly reach...or better and say hello. Someday the person in that wheelchair could be you or one of your loved ones!

And if you don't need the handicapped restroom, please don't use it if another stall is available! When you have a child in a wheelchair who is about to be sick, it's nice to be able to quickly get into the accessible stall and help her.

Today was good as well. Doctor's appointments went well. Her blood counts looked good, and we will definitely be proceeding with the next round of methotrexate chemo on Thursday. She will be admitted at 9 am.

She was bummed out this afternoon, thinking of all of her friends starting school at CJHS today. I think that's one of the hardest things she's facing: missing her friends and school. She can't wait until we eventually get home so she can get back to her"somewhat" normal life.

Keep her in your thoughts, friends and teachers!!! Speaking of those wonderful friends and teachers, THANK YOU for the MOUNTAIN of cards, letters, gifts and all-around cool stuff she received today!!! The staff at the RMDH was stunned by the sheer volume of it all!!! We just can't thank everyone enough. The pajamas, cool toys, balloons, activities, snacks, gift cards, cash (she loved the cash...more for SuperTarget...LOL), it is so touching that I just sit and cry. We love each and every one of you, near and far, whether we know you personally or not, you are all precious, wonderful people and we are so grateful for the things you are doing.