Monday, August 28, 2006

Just another manic Monday

The pigs are still safe, for now. Amy has brilliantly dubbed me the Princess of Pork! Right now the only pig I want is a chocolate pig.

This morning we thought we had but one appointment, but quickly found out that we were WRONG! Went to radiology to get her fitted for her radiation mask and to go through a simulation. Signed in at the desk, only to be handed a new schedule by a grinning receptionist who said, "you all are going to have a very busy day!" Sure enough, we did.

Did the simulation, ran across the building (no small task) to get blood drawn, ran back across to Audiology, got another hearing analysis. Good news! Her hearing has improved since we got here - and there is NO damage to her hearing from the chemo! YAYYYY! Such good news.

Back across to see Dr. Wolff, who showed us the MRI from last Friday. The tumor is still there (darn) but it has NOT grown, thank God! He says that the methotrexate is now inside the tumor and she is ready for radiation. We must admit her to the hospital again on Thursday for the next round of chemo (called the PEV cycle,which is 15 minutes daily), and radiation treatments will begin on Thursday as well (also 10-15 minutes daily).

She'll be in the hospital for five days. :( But we are free for the next two days and plan to enjoy the heck out of them! She's eating really well, which is great, because she's lost a couple of pounds since last week. We're going to try to fatten her up by Thursday. LOL.

We are so glad for the good news today, but we must take it cautiously. Radiation and chemo simultaneously can cause some really crappy side effects. We are hoping for the best. She's just going to be really tired for the next few weeks.

Sahara wants everyone to know how much she loves and misses you all. She can't wait to get back home - it's all she thinks about. This stupid cancer is seriously interrupting her social life and she's sick of it. :) It's great having Shannon here to chauffeur us around the area!

I'm seriously thinking of driving my car back after I go home for a few days in September. I really miss having my wheels. Just goes to show (another of a million examples) how spoiled we all are in our normal daily lives. We want to go, we jump in the car! Not so when you're living communally and depending on scheduled van service that only goes to the hospital or the grocery store. But we are so grateful to have it!

Good night and we love you guys!!