Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Pretty in pink

The world may have its troubles, but Sahara and I have another cool thing in common: fuchsia clogs! There are those who think they're sinful. Others worship their Crocs and insist on wearing them everywhere. They've inspired articles in all sorts of major newspapers, and there are websites devoted to clog love (and clog hate).

Well, in the words of teenage girls everywhere, WHATever. We may look like we're wearing pink clown shoes, but our feet feel good. Amy isn't so sure.

I might have to break down and get myself a pair. :) I've hated them forever, but they look so cute on Sahara. I'm sure I'll look like a big dork, but hey, it wouldn't be the first time.

This morning we had our first appointment with the very handsome and extremely cool Dr. Weinberg, a neurosurgeon. (It's a small world...he knows a neurosurgeon from Cape Girardeau, Dr. Gibbs. He said he'd be glad to work with him if the need should arise once we finally get back home.)

He saw Sahara just to make sure he's completely up to speed on her condition, and to make contact with me should anything happen requiring his expertise. I really like the way they do things here - everyone is basically a part of a massive treatment team, keeping each other informed of what is going on daily.

Right now she's just started two hours of cognitive testing. She didn't feel very good when the day started, but she thinks she's up to it.

At noon we'll break for lunch, then it's off to physical therapy for their initial assessment this afternoon. Another very full day.

I'm in the Cyber Center at the hospital while she's doing the testing. They have computers, printers, copiers; it's great. Nice to be able to get out of the waiting room, too.

Plus, an added treat...the gentleman volunteer running the room today brought in a cd of swing music, which I love. So I'm enjoying that as I type. :) Have a fab day!