Friday, August 25, 2006

All you need is love

I've got to jump in the shower and get to the office, so let's get right to Amy:

Overall a good day. Sahara's doctor's appointment this afternoon was very positive, with her smile allllllmost back to normal, and her walking continues to improve as well. YEAH!!

Appointments tend to takeup most of the morning/evening, so she was very tired when we got back at 3 pm. She ate a light supper, then crashed, and is still sleeping soundly at 11 pm. This is a good thing and a bad thing; last night she did basically the same thing, and I ended up making soup in the kitchen at 3 am when she woke up starving! I'm ready for her this time, though...I have soup in individual containers in the fridge, so all I have to do is nuke 'em if she is hungry during the wee hours.

Shannon's running around like crazy, getting things together for his trip down tomorrow. He's found nearly everything I asked him to bring for us. Sahara just can't hardly wait to see him. Maybe she will feel like getting out for a while this weekend. It would be nice to see more of the city than the routine of the mile-long stretch between the RMDH and MD Anderson!

We had so many boxes come in the mail today that I had to haul a huge load to the dumpster!!! What amazing things continue to arrive!!! A personalized basketball (thanks so much, you guys!!), a great photo of her cousins holding signs that say "WE LOVE SAHARA!", warm fuzzy blankets, more fun crafty is so much fun to watch her face when we open the packages.

She is so in awe of the fact that all of these things are for her, "just because." It is such a testimony to the fact that this girl is so very LOVED. Thank you ALL!

A special thank you today to Mr. Caleb Jones. Caleb, you saved me a trip to the grocery store on a day when I really didn't have the time to go! Your care package contained some dental floss - and I had just run out!!! You are soooo smart to have sent those things. Thank you so much, sweetie!!!!

Gotta run, there are others still waiting to get online. Much love to you all!