Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Stand up and cheer

I remember my first days at junior high all too well. Of course, that was back when donkeys pulled us to school in little carts and we had to run home after school to milk the cows, churn the butter, and plant the crops.

Until I found my niche, it was the most awful place in the world. I walked around reciting my schedule (reading English math science social studies) every morning and I couldn't wait for the afternoon: blue band jazz band chorus art drafting. My math teacher was named Mr. Butz. He despised us all. Why else would he turn math into something so hard?

I yearned for something special that year, and it wasn't until I tumbled into the hands of a band teacher who cared about more than hitting the right notes that I found it. As I mastered scales, I mastered hallways, locker combinations, and my first attempts at love.

Sahara is missing out on all that, and she's feeling lost and left behind. Now, I wouldn't sic junior high on my worst enemy. But for today, I'm going to ask all of you a favor: if you are a classmate of Sahara, speak! Tell her a little story about life inside those junior high walls--a two minute snip of your day, no matter how mundane it seems. Maybe it's the lunch lady who's forever scratching her hairnet. Or a Mr. Butz of your own.

If you are not part of Sahara's personal world, take this one day off from posting so she can feel completely surrounded by her peers. Remember when you were 12 and went out with your friends in a pack? Friday night football, pizza? Your heart soared with exhilaration, and all was right with the world.

All you Cape 11, 12, and 13 year olds, step up! You're always welcome, but for the next 24 hours, it's your chance to shine.

Sahara feels a little bit better, although the mouth sores are a real problem. Got a new prescription today for a different mouthwash called Xyloxylin. Doesn't that sound yummy? It's the real name of something called "Magic Mouthwash," kindly recommended to us by a friend.

The other kind was Carafate, but Sahara's mouth is basically laughing at that stuff.

Another milestone...today she started classes at the RMDH. And for all of the teachers who are accustomed to seeing her bounding into the classroom smiling and ready for action, that is NOT how it went this time. She hates the idea. Loathes and despises it, too.

She misses her friends so much it is just awful. She's afraid of all she's missing back home, and that she will be left out when she gets back. It's just a really tough time for her emotionally.

So, to all of her amazingly cool friends, keep her in your thoughts! She did well in the classes though...two A's and a B on the papers she did today, and she also has homework(ARRRRGGHHH!) for tonight. Looks like that will be our evening activity.