Thursday, August 17, 2006

Swamp creatures

The day in two parts:

A fairly calm, although tedious day...waiting as patiently as we can as the process of getting admitted takes place. Still waiting for the chemo - and it's nearly 7 pm. All of her tests must be just right before they can hook her up, and there is one more we need to get back yet.

She's bored, eating a hot dog and watching the Disney channel. Thank goodness for Zack and Cody!!!

Another steamy hot day in Houston - it's so funny, because people here think it's so much colder inMissouri. HAH! We always laugh and tell them about the soupy conditions we endure in the summer months.

We'll be here over the weekend, as the chemo runs for 24 hours, then it takes 48 to get it out of her system. This time they are accessing the port in her chest, eliminating the need to stick needles in her arms. She's glad for that, but still nervous about the port. It's still very foreign - you can see it just below her skin, and I think it freaks her out a little. But to this day she still has not complained.

(She doesn't like to constantly be told, "EAT!" and"DRINK!" but she might as well get used to it.) She did manage to put on two more pounds this week, which helps. I had to buy her some smaller pants, because the ones she was wearing earlier in the summer now fall off of her!!!
I'm glad I still have some of the smaller ones at home, just in case.

I want everyone to know that we truly appreciate every card, letter and are ALL so special and kind for taking time out of your day to send things to Sahara. I can't say thank you enough!!! We've received so many cool things to help pass the time, and it has helped out tremendously!

Better close for now and get back to her room. Love from all of us,
Amy, Shannon and Sahara

And, earlier in the day:

I was too worn out to even attempt an update last night!

Shannon finally got here about midnight; he got delayed in Dallas because of mechanical problems on the plane. Extra special thanks to Bruce Robert for his help - his frequent flyer miles allowed Shannon to come back to Houston for the next round of Sahara's chemo. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Yesterday was good - more tests at the opthalmologist, which overall took about 3 1/2 hours...very intense stuff. The rest of the afternoon was filled with laundry, a bit of cooking, and packing for the hospital stay, which begins today.

We're waiting for a room on the 9th floor to open up now. We got here at 8 am, and it's 11:15...things don't always move quickly! As soon as she gets a room and gets settled in, they should start the methotrexate.

We're praying that she does as well this time as she did before.

Yet again, thanks to EVERYONE who is sending cards, letters and gifts to Sahara!!! The desk staff at the RMDH are amazed every day at the things she receives. She gets the coolest stuff...I'm so jealous. LOL! She is so excited every day, waiting for the mail delivery.

What are you waiting for? Pick up a pen. Write Sahara a letter, a story, a poem. Send her a photo (but no nekkid people, please). Draw a picture. Today's theme: BELIEVE.