Thursday, August 03, 2006

Some comments on comments

Sahara and her family have been blown away by your comments--it's clear this family is loved.

But I'm going to make some suggestions, to keep things easier for everyone.

  1. Please don't take advantage of this site to sell your products or push people to your site. That's cheesy and cold, and I'll delete your post the second I see it. Do it again and I will unleash my wrath.
  2. Try not to leave personal phone numbers or addresses on the site. I know you mean well, but the sad truth is, there are opportunistic jerks who take advantage of such things. If you want Sahara or her family to get in touch with you, leave a comment without the specifics and we'll figure something out.
  3. Please understand that the Aldridge family is being bombarded with information right now. If you leave a message or call and they don't respond, don't feel bad. They love and appreciate all the support, but their days are intense and full and they need their evenings to sleep and get ready for the next day's battle.
  4. One final thing. Comments are piling up. And yes, Amy and Sahara are reading them. To make things easier for them, please only comment on the two most recent posts. That way, they won't need to scroll through the entire site wondering if people are responding to the older messages. (And no, you don't need to delete old comments.)
Thanks, everyone. Keep the love coming--it means the world.