Saturday, August 12, 2006

Blame it all on homework

Good morning, boys and girls. If you're wondering why Sahara got this stupid tumor, the answer is right here on the internet! And gosh, that must make it true. It's homework! So all you teachers, if you're reading, please dispense with homework. Forever. Thank you very much.

Okay, okay. Before you get your panties in a knot, homework is cool. (I have to say that; my husband is a teacher. My mother was a teacher. And I adored MOST of my teachers, except Mrs. T who once screamed at me for having my nose in a book, as if that was a BAD thing.)

The kindness and genuine concern of Sahara's teachers has been something completely marvelous to watch on this site. I suppose that's testament to the child involved, but in this age of teachers buried up to their eyeballs, it is a marvel to observe. God bless you all.

Well, I should either be making a vat of baked beans (but not for poor beanless Shannon) or setting up chairs, so I'll turn things over to Amy, who loves those teachers even more than I do. She'd like to get a few things off her chest:

  1. Keep the comments positive. A 12 year old girl is here reading. Sheesh.
  2. The facilities, the people, everything at St. Louis Children's Hospital, it was all fine...the staff was outstanding...we just didn't accept the doctor's way of dealing with her condition.
  3. We were truly led to Houston, and I don't mind telling the world that.
Today, Sahara's second grade teacher, Carla Bittle, sent her a box with the cutest little thing's a cat from Perfect is a sleeping cat on its own sweet little bed...and it purrs when you pet it. SO SWEET!!!!

Her SECOND GRADE teacher...WOW!!! I swear, she's had the best teachers that any parent or student could ever ask for!!!

She's been feeling better today, although totally wiped out and tired. Her white blood cell count was lower yesterday, which explains the fatigue. Hopefully it will go up again soon. At least she's eating and keeping it down. RAH!

A player from her favorite WNBA team visited the House today - Mistie Williams from the Houston Comets. She read a book to the kids, gave out prizes, and was genuinely sweet to everyone. Sahara won a poster and a hat for answering two trivia questions...and I won a t-shirt for knowing the team's mascot, "Haley." Get it...Haley...Comets! LOL.

I wish I was coming to your party tomorrow. Sounds like a blast. Right now, it looks like we'll be resting for the weekend, as we have no appointments or plans of any kind. Monday, the grind returns with a 9 am doctor's appointment, followed by whatever else they think up for us to do.

Stupid cancer. Gotta go...more when I can. Have a great party and eat some extra watermelon for me. :)

I wish you were coming to the party, too. Think they'd let you fly up with some of that Texas brisket?