Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Start me up

As promised, here's Amy's update for Wednesday. She says she's become an expert waiter. Poor woman even offered to bring me an appetizer. Sorry, A, not in this heat. But if you've got some of that delicious Texas tea, send it right up.

Sahara is LOVING the blog...she can't believe how many people are leaving messages!!! :)

As far as we can tell, Houston rocks. Things have gone so smoothly so far...we got a call on the way to the St. Louis airport yesterday that made it even better: we were able to get a room at the Ronald McDonald House!!! YEAH!!!

Got to Houston right on time, were picked up by our very own town car (Sahara thought it was cool that a driver was waiting with our name on it...LOL), and were checked in by 9 pm last night. What a blessing.

We're in the doc's office right now. They're getting everything together, and have already done more testing on Sahara than they did in St. Louis. I'm sitting here typing, because they have internet available for patients in the exam rooms!! How cool is that??

Everyone here is amazing. This place is the size of a small city. The RMDH is literally only five minutes away. I will write a whole chapter on the wonders of the RMDH later. Our spirits are higher now than they've been since the diagnosis. We really feel like we are now where we're supposed to be.

Special thanks to Derek Staples, pastor of Lynwood Baptist Church, for driving us to the airport and loaning us a wheelchair. Derek, you are AWESOME.

Keep praying!