Saturday, August 05, 2006

Come Saturday morning

Good morning Sahara fans. We may update a bit less often on weekends, but Amy had this to say yesterday:

It's great to live in a small town. When the chips are down, people line up to ask what they can do to help. We have the greatest teachers in the whole wide world - each one of them has been so involved since we found out about the tumor. They are lined up and waiting to help out once we manage to get back home. They are all precious to us.

Sahara started getting her first round of methotrexate Thursday night about 10 pm. So far, it's going very smoothly, with no side effects showing up as yet. Her only complaint was being awakened all night long to get checked by the nurses.

She's now in Audiology having hearing tests. They have to closely monitor her hearing, as well as vision, to see if the tumor is further affecting her.

The radiation oncology folks came by briefly earlier. We should get a plan soon that tells us which type of radiation she will be getting, and when. I hope they can use the new proton machine (look at mdanderson.orgfor info on this Right now it's only being used on men with prostate cancer, but we hope she can be one of the first kids to get the benefit of its treatment.