Thursday, August 03, 2006

Speak to the sky

Cat's out of the bag, hmmm? Yes, Miss Sahara not only knows all the lyrics, but the child has the moves. Here for your viewing pleasure, today's photo is indeed Sahara with her greatest fan. Oh, the stories she could tell. For instance...who fed Sahara her first sushi?

Yes, that would be Rick.

The family's had a busy day today, so I'm going to give you the highlights:

Tests, tests and more tests...and she smiled through them all. I don't know how she does it.

She had a central line inserted into her right arm this afternoon, to accept the chemo treatments and prevent unnecessary poking and prodding down the line. She might be starting chemo as early as 9:30 tonight - this doc does NOT mess around.

She's been accepted into a study that begins by administering high doses of methotrexate (it kills folic acid, as I understand it...preventing cancer cells from spreading). It's going to be a long journey.

Sahara enjoys the fact that this hospital is the only one in the country that offers on-demand room service. No prefab food - it's cooked when you order it. Her first request was a cheese pizza, breadsticks, cantaloupe, chocolate chip cookies and a Sprite. :) Poor kid hadn't eaten in 24 hours and she was ravenous.

Thanks to each and every person who has posted a message of hope - we read them all and they are greatly appreciated. We can never have too many prayers!!!