Monday, September 11, 2006


Today was a day that made me cry...but in the best of ways.

Sahara woke up feeling really good today (yay!). We had breakfast and hung out for a while, then she announced that she was going outside to play basketball. I nearly fell out of my chair. She hasn't touched a basketball since her diagnosis. Wouldn't even discuss it. Her self-consciousness about her right hand and her balance was just too deep. She marched out to the court, which is right outside the RMDH dining room. By the time I followed her outside, she was dribbling...WITH HER RIGHT HAND.

I stood there and cried. (She laughed at me.) We played for a while, then she backed up, looked at the net, focused, and from 16 feet out - s w o o s h. SHE MADE IT!!!!! I don't know who was more excited!!!!! She hit three more shots before she started to get tired.

It was really hot and humid today. But what a great day it has been! She felt good all day long. Ate well, played games, never napped...she was Sahara through and through.

She, my sister and I had a wonderful time visiting.

Each victory is a gift from GOD, and we bless his name for every single one. Tomorrow we start the day early with radiation, labs, a visit with the great German doc, and a 1-hour round of chemo. By noon we should be back to the RMDH. Hopefully she'll feel like going to class tomorrow afternoon, but we'll just have to see how it goes.

I hope you have a great week!