Friday, September 22, 2006

Birds of a feather

Hello, all!

Shannon and Sahara have had a great week! I knew they would. She's been feeling really good, eating well and having fun. Yesterday she attended classes for four hours, a personal best since she's been there. It's tough to manage schoolwork when she's so tired, but she's managing very well.

Unfortunately, but as predicted, she began losing her hair this week. She is very aggravated that she won't be able to get her mohawk, because it started falling out in the middle first! Dang the luck. She seems to be fine with it, and it taking it as just another part of the journey. We prepared for this by buying hats, beanies and bandanas, so she will have a well-decorated head. LOL.

I had the pleasure of meeting Gramma Dooley for the first time yesterday, and I have to tell you all, she is a fireball of love and energy like I've never seen in my life! She's adopting us, apparently, and we are going to let her. LOL. Mrs. Dooley is the mother of one of Sahara's teachers, Jennifer Hecht, another incredible woman. It looks like it definitely runs in the family! They stopped by my office yesterday to deliver bracelets to Sheryl (who is yet another superwoman...I am SURROUNDED by them) to sell over the weekend. We were all chatting and having the best time...and Sahara called! She got to talk to both of them, and I really don't know who was having the best time, she or they! What a great, uplifting visit. Thanks, ladies - we love you so much!

Tonight the father-daughter duo went to see our beloved Cardinals play the Astros. The Birds ended up losing, but she represented her team with pride. They made it through the third inning, but she started getting tired and headachy, so it was time to call it a night. She was really glad to be able to go, though!

The laundry is done, the house is clean and I'm packed for the trip back to Houston. I'd better try to get some sleep. Sahara instructed me not to eat tomorrow, because we are going out for dinner after they pick me up at the airport. Bossy little thing. LOL. (But I know that she's feeling good when she's ordering people around!)

Take care and I'll post again when I can!