Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Have you ever googled yourself?

Looking yourself up on the internet can be lots of fun--and when you get older, exasperating. It seems there is another person who shares my name, and naturally our "stuff" mixes up a bit. I've learned not to worry about it. What's fun is finding search engine results in another language and realizing that they really are talking about me.

Try it sometime... and go for more than Google. Perhaps you'll discover something--or someone wonderful!

While we're on wonderful, I'll join Amy and Sahara in a big thanks to those who didn't have yesterday off. Many years ago, I worked in a big hospital's emergency department, and I did the night shift on every single holiday. But I'll let you in on a secret: double or triple overtime for holiday pay. Those shifts were the best! And no cranky bosses to order us around. We worked hard, but those were the days we had time to smile at our patients, to walk a parent to the cafeteria instead of handing her a pre-printed slip, or have a real conversation with a young doctor who had to be there for the holiday. Days like Labor Day were a treat.

I've never had to work on Labor Day. I've always been lucky enough to have the day off, many times spending the holiday weekend going to concerts or to the beach. Never gave much thought to those unfortunate ones who had to work - like nurses, housekeepers, maintenance folks and other essential people who keep a giant place like MD Anderson going, even when many of the doctors and administrative personnel are enjoying three-day weekends. These folks have to work extra hard on days like today. Bless them all. And if you are working, thank you for whatever it is that you are doing!

Sahara woke up feeling great this morning. You just never know! She didn't even take a nap today. We talked on the phone to friends and family, watched movies, and had some really great conversations. She was so excited to find out that she's on a couple of other websites. Imagine the look on her face when she saw her photo smack-dab in the middle of jasonthompson.org this afternoon!!! For all of us General Hospital fans, how cool is that?? I think she swooned a little! LOL. Word has it that he is a really nice guy. Dr. Patrick Drake...wooo hoooo! I also heard that she's on a Nickelback site, but I haven't been able to find that one yet. She looooves that band!

Just started the last dose of this round of chemo. If all goes well, we might be able to get out of here tomorrow evening. It all depends on how her blood levels check out later in the day. At the latest, we'll get released Wednesday, but she is hoping soooo hard that it won't be that long. We are definitely tired of being in the hospital!

We have a 9:30 checkup with the radiation oncologist in the morning. We meet with her each Tuesday. The next radiation treatment is at 2:30. Let the new week begin!