Thursday, September 07, 2006

Dream a little dream

HOORAY! We got out of the hospital last night and were back at the RMDH promptly at midnight. We got the best sleep EVER - until 9:30 this morning! Both of us felt sooo much better after that. We really needed some sound, uninterrupted rest.

Sahara had a bunch of mail to open that had accumulated during the days she was gone. WOW! You guys are getting so creative! AMB, we want to meet you. You must be one of those teachers that really gets involved with her students. We can just tell!! Such fun things!!!

We watched "13 Going on 30" today (thank you very much!) and the most amazing thing happened. She was watching the Jessie's Girl video at the end of the movie. She was singing along, when all of a sudden she yelled "MOM!" I came flying into the room, expecting something, uh, awful, when I saw that she was grinning from ear to ear (and yes, she can do THAT again!). The use of her right hand has been one of the main losses she's suffered since the beginning of this journey. Today: she is able to snap her fingers on her right hand! She was singing and then, before she even realized it, SNAPPING!!! She was so excited she had to call Shannon immediately. It was really a milestone. :)

Also today: she did two jumping jacks. AND she cut with pinking shears during a scrapbooking class. BIG TIME STUFF, PEOPLE!!! We are taking each thing as a victory. (And she's gained a new hobby in scrapbooking, thanks to all of you wonderful folks who have sent the COOLEST materials. I never knew how much fun it could be! THANK YOU ALL!!!)

This afternoon she had radiation. Normally we take the shuttle to the hospital. But today, she asked that I push her in the wheelchair and walk instead. It's too far for her to walk, but it's a pleasant 15 minute walk for me. It wasn't too hot today, and we really enjoyed it. It's the first time she's had an interest in going outside since we've been here. She just didn't care to get hot, and the sun hurt her eyes. Today she did VERY well and really had a good time being out in some fresh air!

I have to tell a little secret about Sahara. She doesn't have nightmares. She has laughmares. Every night, without fail, at some point she will literally SHAKE with laughter in her sleep. My personal favorite is her "Snidely Whiplash snicker." Sometimes she laughs so hard and so loud that she will wake me up from a sound sleep and scare the heck out of me. You can watch her and see that she is "somewhere," having the best time. It is absolutely hilarious. One of our nurses got to witness it two nights ago, and he was cracking up, not believing what he was seeing. LOL.

I'd give anything to know what she's dreaming about. I have a feeling it has to do with cats, dogs and the best kids in the world back in Cape. :) I think that she only dreams about good things. Her life is filled with them. The scary stuff only happens in the daytime...but her nights are filled with the love and laughter of a host of family and friends, and these things keep her spirit happy.

(My childhood nightmares are enough to fill a book. The worst one I ever had was the one in which my dad was chasing me with a staple gun. But I digress. )