Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Hello, all!
Today was much better than yesterday - that's the way it seems to go most of the time. One good, one not so good. Today's appointments went like clockwork; we even got out of the second one a few minutes early. Sahara hasn't been sick today, which is such a relief! She went to class when we got back this morning, and again this afternoon. This is the most time she's attended in one day since we arrived here. :) Even had all of her homework done before 5 pm!

Tonight was Southwest Airlines night, which is such a treat here at the RMDH! They brought amazing food (chicken enchiladas, beef tamales, chips and queso, and margaritas for those who elected to imbibe!). We even had a band! Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time, and it really helped to take our minds off of hospitals for a little while. Southwest is a huge supporter of RMD Houses nationwide, providing support, meals, furnishings...all kinds of things. We laughed at the fact that we again had the little cups of Coke and peanuts, a la Southwest. I got a photo of Sahara with some of those. Ha!

The Houston RMDH is getting ready to host its big annual gala, I believe at the end of September. So, if you're in this region, be sure to get out and support this amazing place if you are so inclined!

The big cheese himself, Ronald McDonald, showed up tonight and was a big hit with the little ones. Sahara rolled her eyes. LOLOL. Now if Zac Efron were to show up...or maybe Dylan and Cole Sprouse...THAT would impress her!!!

My sister will fly home late tomorrow afternoon, which will be a major drag. It's so nice having her here. Sahara will probably cry, then I'll cry, then Sandy will cry, and it will be a big mess.
I promise to send some cool photos to the blog once I have access to them back home. I took some tonight of some of our favorite folks and I look forward to sharing them with all of you.

Time to get Sahara a bath and to bed. She had a good day but is still pretty darn tired. I will talk to y'all again soon!