Saturday, September 02, 2006

Beastly things

Are you ready for Hurricane Ernesto? Me neither. The weather psychics claim he's going to hit tomorrow, but I'm counting on him to have about as much power as a chipmunk. And hey, if worse comes to worse, I've still got two cases of water from the party, and lots of fresh blueberries in the fridge. All that and a three day weekend--wheeeee!

Amy is still at the hospital with Sahara, and all is going well, except one thing. Apparently the tumor sent its devilish little friends into the hospital's computer--she not only wrote me a juicy email, but she penned an update for me to share with all of you, too. And just when she clapped her hands and said "Eureka!" the computer burped, snorted, made an awful noise that reminded her just why Shannon cannot have beans, and then it ATE THE EMAIL.

She asked me to tell you that it's just technical difficulties, but I think it's the tumor. It obviously doesn't like the radiation/chemo combo platter, so it's looking for a new place to hang out. It seems to me there's got to be a swamp somewhere that would make it feel right at home. Sahara's brain is clearly kicking back.

Her tummy was a bit angry this morning (well, Friday morning) but otherwise, she sailed through the day, her usual sunny self. And, she got her surprise! But I'll let her tell you.