Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Donuts, pizza... she could be a NYC cop!

Hi, everyone!

Continued good news from Houston...God is really working overtime down there. Sahara is feeling great, eating yet more pizza and donuts, and is breezing through her week with dad. Today she had physical therapy and occupational therapy. The latter tends to frustrate her a bit, but she LOVES the PT. She improved her scores on the timed activities by a second and a half, and walked so quickly that the therapist (who is recovering from knee surgery herself) had to get another therapist to walk with and time her! As a baby, Sahara ran before she walked, so this really made me smile.

She attended class this afternoon, enjoyed a session with a sweet, wonderful lady named Ms. Jean who does what's called "Arts in Medicine" at the RMDH a couple of times a month. It's therapy of sorts, mixed with arts & crafts, storytelling, and so forth. Apparently Shannon was the great entertainer today, as he jumped right in with Sahara. He is so good with kids, it is such a gift. Ms. Jean made his day by telling him how much she appreciated him and his "storytelling" abilities. Those who know him can just imagine the stuff he was making up to get these kids to laugh. :)

The therapy dogs came to visit tonight, which is one of Sahara's most favorite things. Shannon was really impressed; it was his first opportunity to see those very special dogs. They really help take the kids' minds off of whatever they may be dealing with, and allow them to roll around and play in the yard like the rest of the kids in the world for a little while. Such a worthwhile endeavor.

Time to hit the sack - I thought I'd get to bed earlier since I'm home this week, but that doesn't seem to be happening!

Thanks for continuing to read and post your great messages to the blog...Sahara gets so much happiness from reading what you all have to say.

Take care!