Sunday, September 17, 2006

I will survive

J and I went to a fancy Sweet Sixteen party last night. The guest of honor looked just like a princess. But the other girls, oh my. I'm going to write a country song and call it "Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be hoochies." If you are a teen or preteen reading this, please realize you can be pretty and attractive without looking like you belong on a corner or a video.

There, I'm done lecturing. It's not that I judge, or that I'm an old frump (am I?); I just can't wrap my head around what New York teens feel is fashion. Oh my gosh. That DOES make me an old fa*t, huh? And to think I got out on the dance floor. They're probably still laughing.

I didn't have a Sweet Sixteen, but I still remember that my mother drove over to the place where I was working that morning with a bouquet of 16 pink roses. She made my fave dinner that night, and my boyfriend Mark took me out to see a movie (back when tickets weren't $11.50) and bought me a necklace. Sweet indeed, but the surprise from my mom has stayed with me for well over 20 years.

Something tells me Sahara will have plenty of memories like that.

Hello, everyone! Shannon made it to Houston Thursday afternoon without incident, and I am now back in Cape for a few days, so the switch has been successfully made. It was very hard to leave Sahara, and we both cried a LOT when the time came to drop me off at the airport.

Tonight I must mention the Stage Choir class at CJHS. You guys are so awesome, I am totally at a loss for words. I wish everyone who reads this could have seen Sahara's face when she opened the box from you all. Cards from everyone in the class, a class photo with an empty seat in the middle that is being saved for Sahara, a cd with the songs from Grease and High School Musical, a binder with all the lyrics to the songs, AND...$250 in Target gift cards! I think you guys enjoy making me cry, because this was REALLY over the top!!! I love each and every one of you. And you helped Sahara to get what she has wanted for so long...a camcorder that records directly to dvd. We picked it up Thursday night. We have some surprises in store for YOU in the near future!!! Mr. Dumey, THANK YOU for being such a great teacher - Sahara can't wait to get back so she can enjoy your class with all of her friends!!!

She and Shannon are having a great time, and she's doing well so far this weekend. No sickness - yay! We did start to notice that she's begun to lose a few more strands of hair over the last few days. Nothing drastic yet, but it looks like it is starting to happen. She still says she doesn't care, and that she will NOT be wearing any stupid wigs. :) I have a feeling that Shannon will get lots of lessons in scrapbooking while I'm away!!! LOLOL!!!

It's nice to be back at home, but it is so strange to be in a quiet house. This house has NEVER been quiet and it's absolutely eerie. When I walked in last night, it felt so empty. I spent the majority of today cleaning, rearranging, putting things away, doing laundry, etc. Just trying to get things back to"normal," whatever that will mean in the coming days.

The next time I come home, I will have Sahara with me!!! What a great day that will be. Time to call it a night. I'll see many of you in church tomorrow. To my wonderful friends and neighbors here in Cape, I'll try to see as many of you as I can while I'm here. I love you all and miss you so much!