Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hand jive

Hello all!

Nothing but good news happenin' here in Houston today! Sahara sailed through chemo today without batting an eye. No nausea whatsover (that makes two full weeks now!). She had a sub sandwich afterward and then pizza again for dinner tonight. The best news, though, is that she stunned Dr. Wolff this morning - she has regained all of the strength in her right hand! He looked at me and grinned, then said, "there is no difference!" I was so happy I couldn't hardly stand it! Now we must work on coordination, which happens tomorrow at physical and occupational therapy. She has also regained 100% of her smile, AND, her eyes are definitely showing movement from side to side. From all accounts, the chemo and radiation appear to be WORKING!!!!!

I can't wait until we get home so everyone can see the miracle that is at work in Sahara. She's starting to count down the days...and the end is in sight. We just have to get the final okay once the last big round of chemo is completed in October.

Keep praying, everyone, because it's working, and God is alive and well in Houston!

With love,