Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The runaround

We had a good day again today, although Sahara was WORN OUT after occupational and physical therapy!!! They ran her ragged. LOL. Her strength is amazing (all of the therapists say so), she just has to get her coordination back. Each time she goes to therapy, she does better than the last.

She had intended on going to school for a while today, but was too tired. Hopefully tomorrow she'll be up to it again. By the way, teachers, she's making A's and B's, which I think is so cool!

Tonight the women's basketball team from Rice University is visiting the RMDH. I'm sure Sahara will enjoy seeing them. Although, I know she'd rather see the Lady Redhawks walking through the door!!!!! Come on, basketball season!

Hope everybody has a great evening. Take care!