Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Behind the mask

When Amy talked about Sahara's radiation mask, I had a picture in my head. Did you? This weekend she sent me pictures and it's safe to say my brain didn't even come close! A friend of mine had radiation a few years ago and instead of a mask, she had to have a tattoo. When she kicked HER tumor's butt, she had the tattoo redone into a pretty butterfly and flowers.

Me, I'd rather just have the mask. I know tattoos are the rage now, but I like me just the way I came in the original package.

Hello everybody! It was so good to go back to work today. I enjoyed seeing the wonderful people I work with, going out to lunch (where I ran into some dear friends, Jo Cummins, and Cindy and Andrea Gray...I love you guys), being busy and having what qualified as an almost-normal day. After work I went straight to Jackson to see my fabulous hairdresser, Shery Varney, who is an angel with scissors...LOL. I feel so much better with my haircut and new fall colors. Shery loves it because I tell her to do whatever she's in the mood for when it comes to my hair - and she is ALWAYS right!!! THANKS, SHERY!!!

Sahara had chemo, radiation and two doctor's appointments today, and Shannon reports that all went very well. She saw her audiologist again for more testing, which showed even more improvement in her left ear, and still no damage at all to her hearing from the chemo. HOORAY! She made it through her chemo treatment without incident as well. After a very busy morning, she took a 3-hour nap this afternoon and got some much needed rest. She felt great this evening, and has made it through the entire day without getting sick. I am so happy I can't hardly stand it. I just hope that the next couple of days following the chemo are good as well! She's also eating more this week, which is a relief to me. She is in a pizza phase right now (hey, I am too...LOL), which has GOT to help her gain a little bit of weight. I know that she is loving having Shannon there...especially since he has a car and can take her wherever she wants to eat. LOL. Whatever works!

Miss S says that she received some VERY cool stuff in the mail today...she was talking so fast that I couldn't even keep up! I miss seeing her face when the mail arrives each day. It's always so exciting for her. Many, many thanks to all of you...

Time for me to go to bed...gotta be at work bright and early in the morning!