Friday, September 29, 2006

Hi, everyone!

Not much to report these last couple of days. Sahara's doing fine, just very tired and sleepy, so she's been taking a lot of naps. She's still eating well, and doing great in therapy each day. By the time she's finished with physical therapy, though, she is so worn out that she just needs to nap for a while. Hopefully this weekend she'll perk up again.

There are some cool things going on this weekend that are not too far from the RMDH, so I hope that we are able to venture out for a while. The Houston Zoo is just a few blocks away (a mere 5 minutes by bus, which stops right in front of the house), and there's music at a pavilion close to the zoo as well.

To everyone who is planning on attending the benefits, thank you!!! You will be amazed at some of the things that Shannon's told me about that will be included in the silent auction!!! I hope we can get a list posted soon, because it's just blowing my mind. I know of some really cool a Joe Montana autographed football, a Michael Jordan autographed basketball...some signed basketballs from the University of Kentucky; I think this auction will have something for every type of sports fan!!! And so many other things I can't think of them all!!! We'll be working on that list, I'm sure, so stay tuned!

Today while Sahara was sleeping, I watched as three of my favorite boys were playing outside. They were running, laughing, and playing as hard as any grade school boys on any playground. The difference is the fact that two of them have had liver transplants and one has leukemia. You'd never guess it by looking at them, though! Miracles are happening around here every day. On Monday, a little boy received the double lung transplant he and his family had been desperately waiting for...out of such sadness for one family came pure joy and hope for another. Around here, you really learn about "the circle of life."

Keep praying, please, for our family, and for all of the other families who are struggling with childhood diseases.

Take care, and we can't wait to see all of you soon!

With love,