Thursday, September 14, 2006

Don't mess with country girls

Lots of questions lately on fundraisers for Sahara--you people amaze me. We're working on building a page that will list what's out there (and semi-officially sanctioned by the Aldridge family). I'll let everyone know when it's ready to go, and once it is, you'll be able to link from this site.

Have you ever had a spa treatment, only to have its calming effects ripped out of you like giblets out of the Thanksgiving bird?

Tonight we had a lovely lady from BeautiControl in the house. She gave us mini-treatments (hands, feet, cold pads on the eyes...relaxing music...blissful). Just prior to that, I had ordered a pizza. Thinking I was in the clear as far as dinner was concerned, and with Sahara chatting away with a really sweet girl named Maranda from Illinois, I was finally able to sit down and relax.

Got finished and was feelin' gooooood, only to discover that the pizza not only hadn't arrived, but that they had LOST our order. Three phone calls to two managers later, two separate lost AND canceled orders, and a very unladylike tirade from me, we finally got pizza at 8:30, two and a half hours late.

They actually thought that giving them to me half-price was customer friendly and that I should be happy with that solution. WRONG answer, idiots. I went OFF, never swearing once, but using big words like BAD PUBLICITYand HUNGRY CANCER PATIENTS to the nitwits on the phone. When it was finally over, I gave the poor, bewildered delivery guy a very nice tip and he gave me two free pizzas. Today's lesson: don't mess with country girls. We don't take any crap.

ANYHOO...Sahara had a decent day, but was very tired. After her radiation treatment this morning, and the ensuing side trip to Burger King for some breakfast, she was wiped out. I let her rest today, without going to class. I know she'll make up for it when she feels better.

My sister left this afternoon, which was hard. She hates goodbyes even more than I do, and we were all pretty bummed out. But I'll see her again over the weekend when I get back home.

Later in the afternoon, Sahara bounced the basketball for a while, and enjoyed being outside for a bit. She ran, about 15 feet or so, which was the first time she had run since July 16. She also did some walking backwards, and did very well. It was so cool to watch her trying things that she's been too nervous to attempt until now!

Shannon's coming back tomorrow and we are very glad. Time for him to be Mr. Mom for a while. LOL. I know that they will have a great time together over the next week.

My time's up so I'll close for tonight. Take care, everyone!