Friday, September 15, 2006

Gone fishin'

The changing of the guard has taken place. Shannon is now Mr. Mom and will be chasing Sahara around the basketball court. Amy has gone home to Missouri for a few days of rest and recharging.

I'm working on a page that lists various Sahara benefits and fundraisers. If you are running something and have details, please let me know. I've talked with some of you already, but if there's more going on and you want to share that with the world, pipe up. Easiest way to get me is at scarletcommunications dot com.

It was one of those weeks for me. I realized at 6 pm today that I hadn't yet had breakfast. Sigh. It poured the whole way home, so traffic crawled and I contemplated eating either my left arm (since I drive right-handed), a Milky-way bite size wrapper that had the decency to smell like chocolate, or my entire car. We went to a little Mexican joint and when the cashier offered us free chips I practically grabbed the whole tray and a grande vat of salsa.

I've ordered Amy to rest (as if I have any authority) so the site may be quiet for a bit. Not to worry. All quiet on the Texas front, as they say.