Sunday, October 01, 2006

You're a butterfly

Hi, everyone!

We had a downright-near perfect day today...sunshine, not too hot, shopping, Chinese food...ahhhhhhh. Sahara and I had an absolutely WONDERFUL time. I rented a car (sweet freedom!), and we made our way to the Galleria, Houston's shopping Mecca. It was crowded, crazy, and pure fun.

We shopped for about an hour, then Sahara said she'd really like some chicken teriyaki. Found a little place to eat called the Magic Wok (although I saw no magic OR wok), which had very tasty food and huge portions. We were both glad we stopped there. Afterward we went to the arcade and spent a few bucks on games, which yielded enough tickets for some candy at the redemption counter. Woo hoo. She had a blast, though, so it was definitely worth it! Shopped a while longer, found a couple of cute items, then headed back to the RMDH. We had so much fun, just hanging out like we used to do on any given Saturday. Sahara looked SO great today - she has truly bounced back in a way I can't even believe myself. She gets so many compliments on the cute beanies she wears, and I know that helps her feel better about herself. I can honestly say this day was FUN...I never thought we'd have such an enjoyable day here. YEAH!!!

Spent the rest of the afternoon and evening snacking and chatting with some of our sweet friends from here at the house. We are really going to miss some of these folks. And bless them, some will be here for 2 years or longer. Keep them in your prayers - this house is full of people who are struggling with realities that are very harsh.

Gramma Dooley - we really must get you a cape, because you are obviously Superwoman, posing as a mild-mannered government teacher. LOL. We love and appreciate you! And that goes for everyone else who is praying, thinking about, and working for this wonderful girl of ours. THANK YOU!!!

I hope you all have a blessed Sunday, and that you will worship as you please, spend time with your families, and keep praying for our miracle.

With love,