Sunday, October 01, 2006

A vitamin sea of orange

I'm still coughing up little green men. Whole armies of them. But I'm holding on. If I cough up an orange bracelet, then I'll officially be scared.

Yes, I know there are some new benefits to post, and I'll get them up one evening this week. But for now, I've got a date with a big red Nyquil bottle.

It's been such a nice, low-key day, that it's almost too boring to post anything! We slept in until about 9 am, had breakfast, and hung out at the house for a while. Sahara started getting hungry again about noon, so we ventured out into town. We went to the Saltgrass Steakhouse and had a great meal...I can't wait until she gets weighed tomorrow, because she has been eating so well. Surely she will have gained a couple of pounds! I hope so. We walked through a couple of shops in the adjacent plaza, then headed back to our temporary home.

Sahara's been hanging out with some really great kids here. They have a nice gameroom with a pool table, video games, a big screen tv, a jukebox...lots of fun things to do. There's usually always someone to play with. :)

Back to the hospital for radiation and chemo bright and early in the morning. Mondays are the toughest days, because it's non-stop until about 1 pm. I'm sure she'll be tired

We are really getting excited about the benefits, and we just can't hardly wait to get home. I'm looking forward to seeing the sea of orange!!! Yeah!!!!!!

Have a great week, everyone!