Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Homeward bound

Monday was just fine. Sahara was up at 7:30 am after sleeping fairly well Sunday night. She had radiation at 8:30, then we went back to our room. We talked, walked, watched tv (loved that Hannah Montana marathon), ate, and even played bingo tonight. She didn't even nap today!

She really enjoyed talking to some of her friends on the phone and IM today. (I miss you guys, too!)

I think she's done for the night...looks like she's sleeping soundly right now. She went to sleep very happy because...drumroll please...Dr. Wolff came in this evening and gave us the green light to come home on Friday!!! Her counts are holding up well, she's tolerating the chemo like a champ, and she's even gained weight. YEAH!!!!!

Last night she wrote Dr. Wolff a note, and she gave it to him this evening. She wrote it with her right hand (she couldn't even hold a pen when we arrived here on August 1). It said, "Thanks, Dr. Wolff, 4 giving me my life back. Love, Sahara." The look on his face was priceless.

I don't have flights booked yet for Friday, but that will be my task for Tuesday. I can almost smell the fall leaves in Cape Girardeau...and taste Diebold's apple cider...home has never sounded so GREAT!!!!

We're on our way, baby!!!