Tuesday, October 03, 2006

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Our final Monday of outpatient chemo in Houston is finished. Sahara made it through just fine, just a bit more tired and subdued today. We seem to have the anti-nausea medication sequence down pat. So far, no sickness! Thank God!

Today I watched in amazement during her visit with Dr. Wolff. She can now move both of her eyes all the way to the right!!! Where there had been zero movement before, she can now move them! Still can't do that to the left yet, but what a miracle. We are definitely moving in the right direction.

She was in rare form, too, absolutely leaving Dr. Wolff speechless and cracking up, when he turned around and saw that she was wearing some Billy Bob teeth. LOLOL. He'd never seen those before and got a huge kick out of them. And yes, I took pictures. Tee hee. He really loves Sahara...I've never seen a doctor with so much interest, compassion and pure hope for his patients. Wow.

This afternoon she did something I hadn't seen in so long I can't remember - she skipped. All the way down the hall at the RMDH. I was speechless. Her coordination is improving each and every day.

We're beating this thing - one day at a time! God is truly good.

Take care!