Monday, October 09, 2006

Kiss me, you fool

Since I'm playing catch-up for the weekend, here's Amy's Monday update. Happy Columbus Day!

Rhonda Hunt, a photographer from Arkansas, took these photos (and the Rickshot I just posted). Although how hard could it be--her subjects are all adorable.

The dogs are from PAWS, an animal rescue organization here in Houston. The big dog is Katie, who was very charming, and HUGE! The little chihuahua is Louie, who was equally charming, and very cute in his Harley t-shirt. LOL. Sahara had SO much fun playing with them. :)

Today is going smoothly; no sickness, thank God! She threw up once yesterday morning, but slept it off, apparently. She's been fine since yesterday afternoon. She's even gained weight in the last week. I was told today that she's the very first pediatric patient here that has gained weight during radiation. Wooo HOOO!!!