Monday, October 09, 2006

For all the girls I've loved before

Quit clicking refresh--we're back! J and I spent the weekend in Rhode Island, exploring Newport mostly, slurping chowdah, and staring out at the ocean, a glorious navy blue. It was a sunny, beautiful weekend. We ate an a wonderful little outdoor cafe on the wharf for lunch, then hit a clam shack for dinner that was so greasy, we felt coated when we left.

Drove home today and am feeling much better. I saw my doc again Saturday morning and finally got some meds to reduce the inflammation in my lungs, and that did the trick.

Of course, my weekend wasn't half as much fun as that of Amy and Sahara. Not that I'm supposed to talk about it! Let's just say that SOMEBODY was a princess for the weekend, and somebody else in this photo was a perfect prince.

The last few days have been a flurry of activity! We have had so much fun, it seemed for a bit as if we were on a Ricktrip just hanging out and doing our normal stuff.

Rick got to town on Thursday afternoon. He and the entire band came to the RMDH. I was so completely impressed that they all came with him. They visited with the kids and their parents for about an hour. We had the best time. It was such a great day.

Friday morning, got up and ran back to MD Anderson to get her radiation treatment, then went to soundcheck a little later, where we met several of the incredible fans that have been so kind to us. Everyone was very cool and genuinely sweet.

Got ready to go to the show after that. Sahara looked SO cute, in her surfer clothes and a sparkly white beanie. She and Aaron ended up on stage. (They brought a van full of kids and several adults from the RMDH to the show.) Rick smashed a guitar at one point, and gave the remains to Aaron, who was completely in awe of the whole thing. It was PRECIOUS to see the look on his little face!!! The show was fantastic as always, and everyone had a wonderful time.

Sahara stayed up late both nights and never even acted tired. She never ceases to amaze me. She was just so HAPPY. It was great. We said goodbye to the guys this morning--she cried and cried when they left. They are such a cool group of guys and we love them all.

Finally got her into a room at the hospital about 3 this afternoon. She's been on hydration ever since, and they will start the chemo at 3 am. I hope this round goes smoothly. As long as they keep the Zofran dripping, she should be okay.

She gained three pounds this week! I am so happy. All of that pizza is paying off. LOL. I brought some food with us, because she's so bored with hospital food. Since we arrived, she has eaten four (yes, four) PB & J sandwiches, and four containers of milk. Amazing. Sometimes she eats like a piglet. LOL.

Tonight we've just been watching tv (what a treat to have tv in the room). She dozed off about 9, and has been sleeping soundly ever since. I hope she sleeps through the chemo setup.

So, for now, we will be sitting in the room and waiting for it to be over. Just a few more days!!! Hope you have a great week...keep us in your prayers!