Monday, September 17, 2007

You give me fever

Good morning and happy Monday,

It's 7 am and I'm watching the neighborhood kids walk to the bus stop (the blog is on Missouri time, but I'm on the East Coast so it's really an hour later here). Two things strike me: how many of the middle and high school students are accompanied by their mothers...and how healthy and agile the girls are. They bounce as they walk. Now and then, they run back home to get something, while their mothers wait in a cluster on the sidewalk, tapping their feet and agitated.

I see them and I think, If you only knew.

Hello, everyone!
Sahara continues to improve each day. This should be her last night in the ICU...we were supposed to get out yesterday, but there were no beds available yet! She also had a very low grade fever, so it's probably just as well that we stayed here. Just in case. Other than that, she's eating well and says she feels stronger. This evening she enjoyed a Pacific salmon filet (nice menu here...LOL). She hasn't been coughing as much, which is great. The cough she's had for the last month has been driving her bonkers. It's incredibly frustrating to try to eat as you cough every 10 seconds.

Although we've been stuck in the ICU since Wednesday night, the environment here is such that it keeps the stress level surprisingly low. We have had really nice people helping us every day. Anything Sahara has needed has been taken care of immediately, and they have been so helpful to Shannon and me as well. We've made some great new friends because everyone is so kind and eager to help.

At least we have the Disney channel and ESPN in here, thank goodness. Shannon got a few looks today because he wore his Titans jersey. You can tell that we're a LONG way from home on game day. LOL.

My only complaint about this experience so far? There is NO SWEET TEA here. None. Nada. Nowhere. ARRRGHHHHH...I've been addicted to McDonalds' sweet tea ever since they introduced it earlier this year. The hospital cafeteria sells Snapple Peach Tea, so I'm surviving on that!

Hopefully by the time I update the blog again we will be in our own room. Oh, what a happy day that will be. LOL.

Have a great week!