Friday, September 28, 2007

Even the dogs love Sahara

Part of Sahara's treatment includes checking dogs for bad breath. Oh, all right. We've got the giggles a bit today. Giggles are good! This is L, a "magnificent" therapy dog, according to Amy, who met Sahara and immediately fell madly in love.

For those of you surprised by Sahara's close trim, no, she did not join the Marines, and no, she's not on chemo. The surgeon needed to shave part of her head to get at the tumor, so Sahara ordered him to shave it all off. She's hoping that the new hair that grows back is soft and bouncy, instead of the post-chemo hair that was dark and wiry.
I'm hoping she'll be a redhead! All that independence and spunk would be perfect with fiery tresses. What do you think?