Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Joy to the world

She's out of surgery...and the surgeon came out smiling. And, I might add, wearing an orange swirl bracelet!

They got a LOT of that nasty tumor out of Sahara's pretty head today. She did beautifully--her blood pressure was steady throughout, and although she's still on a ventilator, her lungs are strong and healthy.

Amy and Shannon (and I) are overjoyed. They haven't seen her yet--she was on her way to the ICU. She probably won't wake up until tomorrow sometime, but all the rest is exactly what she'll need to heal.

Ugly tumor is being tested in the lab, but they confirmed it is not a glioblastoma.

Over the next few days, Sahara will have another MRI to determine just how much tumor is left--and how to make it shrivel up and die.

But for now, this is the best possible news in the world. Tonight, when you say your prayers, thank God.