Thursday, September 27, 2007

The magical mystery tour

You would not believe the stories that are flying about Sahara. For example:

  1. You know that story about Sahara and her family going to Hawaii for a long family vacation when all this is over? Um, ALOHA, people...she's already there! And they replaced part of her brain with a pineapple!
  2. Sahara has been in a coma for five days. Now seriously, people: can you imagine Sahara being quiet for even five minutes? Trust me; she is wide awake and not lying there waiting for some prince to wander in and smooch her into oblivion.
  3. Sahara is working in a Starbucks in Seattle, inventing teen-friendly chilled coffee drinks, and taking the pennies from the tip jar to contribute to brainstem tumor research.
  4. Amy has charmed all of the nurses into obeying her every command and they now take turns bringing gallon containers of sweet tea to the hospital...which they serve to her in a Tiffany highball glass, with no ice. And afterwards, the hospital's trained therapy chimpanzee brushes her teeth. This makes Sahara giggle.
  5. Dr. Noah Drake observed Sahara's surgery personally and the neurosurgeon let him tie two sutures on the back of her head.
  6. Mrs. Hecht has taken up kickboxing and has threatened to "go medieval" on anyone who picks on Sahara...oh wait. That one is true. I said last weekend, please.

Here's the mini-scoop, straight from Amy, who was doing laundry tonight. Sahara is doing great in rehab. She's remastering lost skills--she's standing with a walker, pulling herself up to sit, enjoying long showers...and get this! This afternoon, she wheeled herself across the room to get gummy bears.

Amy and I talked about her attitude and determination, and tonight, we'd like to thank every single person who ever coached this child. She's facing rehab like a champion athlete who trusts her coach implicitly. No pity, no whining, just a total commitment to making her body work again.

Once again, kicking ass. And we love her for it.