Sunday, March 04, 2007

You're surrounded

Amy wrote me a short email this afternoon, describing another frustrating week. Now, before you get worried, nothing has changed. Sahara's still doing her physical therapy, and the three of them are still working hard to make her well. It's hard, hard work. She's promised to blog soon, but I've ordered her to not worry about it.

Tonight, I want everyone who comes here to reach out to Amy and Shannon. Whether it's a hello, a short message of hope, a promise to pray for their little girl, an offer of a hot cup of coffee or an ice-cold brew, give yourselves to them, in friendship, in support, in love.

Whether you are a young child searching for news about your funny friend, or someone from a faraway place who is unsure about your English, whether you are Christian, Muslim, Jew, or Wiccan, physician or prisoner, in love or alone in the world, hold out your hands to these parents. Tell them you are there.