Sunday, March 04, 2007

We gather together

Not to keep running back to Atlantic City, but I thought you might like to see some of the official luncheon photos, taken by Renata Hearn, who does such a great job at Rick's shows. Here, you'd never know the poor guy was suffering with bronchitis and the crud. The full set is on Rick's website at

Here, I'm sharing our table photo, since there are a couple of people here who pop up in the blog frequently. From L to R: my husband, John; me, the red-purse gripping ninny in proper Sahara-orange; the two Long Island ladies who live less than 10 miles from us, 3rd and 5th from left; Rick (duh); Mufi from New England who paid $625 for Rick's stinky, sweaty shirt; and on the far right, Nancy from Boston, who posts here pretty much every day and is always offering Sahara and her family much peace, love, and laughter.
Amy has been quiet this week, which probably means the whole family is working hard on Sahara's physical therapy. It's exhausting--but it works wonders. So join me in saying a prayer for their strength. Spring is just around the corner--and with that, anything is possible.