Monday, March 12, 2007

To all the girls I've loved before, part 2

Good morning. I'm still trying to recover from the dinner party. My lasagna was yummy, but all my efforts to make things look effortless sort of backfired. I just wish people would listen to me. But gosh, that's a post for my own blog. Someday.

Couple of things to cover here before I turn over the blogspace to a new voice... for the day. Stop freaking. I'm not going anywhere.

  1. Someone who (we hope) meant well wrote a check to Sahara's Slam Dunk Cancer Fund for a cookbook, and the checking account was closed. In addition to the amount of the check, Sahara got hit with a big fee from the bank. Not cool, people. Don't write bad checks. It's bad karma, and it's illegal. We'd much rather have your prayers if money is tight.
  2. Speaking of cookbooks, I am told that Shannon has a whole mess of them in his car. So next time he's there to sell you floor wax or other exciting products, treat yourself.
And, while we're speaking of Shannon, he's given Amy a night off from the keyboard and has written a post of his own. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome (drumroll) Sahara's dad.

Sahara is feeling better and getting stronger every day. I think her legs have improved the most in the past week. She is taking physical therapy three times a week at St. Francis Health & Wellness Center, and it seems to be helping a lot. A little secret between me and all of you...I think she is actually LIKING therapy now.

Last weekend was very hard for me, because it was the anniversary of one of the best weekends ever. A year ago, I pulled Sahara out of school for a day so we could attend the OVC Tournament in Nashville. The Lady Redhawks won the game we attended. We were invited back to the Opryland Hotel to celebrate with the team afterward. It was such a great night.

We drove back to Cape that night, because we had a 12 noon game to play on Saturday. It was one of those games that Sahara did everything right...from scoring 16 points, to stealing the ball 10 times, she played a flawless game. The Lady Comets won that game by 25 points.

After that game, we drove to Scott City for a Hotshot competition. Sahara won first place in her age bracket by hitting thirteen shots in a row.

A year later, the Lady Comets have just completed an amazing 9-1 season, but something was very different. There was no #21 running the team.

Over the past few years, we either had the best record or tied for it in Upward Basketball. But it’s not about winning or losing. I’ve coached kids who have had to cope with death in their families, divorce, and other tough things.

This year I couldn’t figure out why I should coach, with all that is going on around me. I kept waiting for something to happen, a reason the kids really needed me. But this year, maybe it wasn’t that they needed me. I needed them. I had seven girls on my team, and from day one, I can honestly say I had seven superstars.

With this said, I feel if Sahara can’t play, then my coaching days have come to an end. I am going to referee games next year instead of coaching a team. Basketball is a big part of our lives. There are 27 shooting spots marked on our driveway, and a year ago, Hoops could burn a shot from any of them. I will not rest until she can burn those shots again.

Coach Aldridge