Friday, March 16, 2007

Making a wish

I wish...I could pare down my list of wishes. Today, I'd wish for this snowstorm to slide out to sea. They're saying 10 inches or so. Right now, we've got a pretty little dusting and my crocuses are peeking through in all their purple glory. But the weather psychics insist that's all about to change.

So have you got your green outfit ready for tomorrow? We're having ANOTHER dinner party, which is very brave on my part because the last one did not go so well. The food was yummy, but the mix of people...not so good. I was in bed before they were out of the driveway. I barely got to say a word the whole night. Can you imagine?

Actually, the only time I got to talk was when I shared the latest about Sahara. Even to New Yorkers who stop for nothing, Sahara stops traffic. Just another sign of her magic.

Two more wishes from me: if you know Ty Pennington or someone in his production company, shoot me an email. And, keep the prayers and Irish blessings coming for Sahara. We're onto something.

Hello, everyone!

The signs of spring are everywhere in Cape these days, and I am so glad to see winter coming to a close. To say that it sucked would be the understatement of the century. Here's to spring, rebirth, new beginnings and hope.

Thanks to everyone who has sent cards and gifts to Sahara lately...she always lights up when she opens them! They are so very appreciated. :) And thanks to everyone who has posted positive thoughts and wishes...we read each and every one of them. Believe me, they help, and they mean so much.

She's getting stronger each day, but the coordination is what's giving her fits. I know that one of these days things will start to click again and she will make some serious progress. I know that she is so ready for some good stuff to happen - enough with the setbacks!

Thanks to Matt Sanders at the Southeast Missourian for doing another great article. If you'd like to read it, please click here: A new room for Sahara Sahara is very excited about getting our family room decked out the way she wants it. She got hooked on HGTV when we were in Houston and LOVES all of the design/makeover shows. That room has become her world these last few months, and I'm happy that she will be able to have it exactly how she wants it to be - it will have conveniences for her as well as some really cool stuff, as well. She really wants Ty Pennington to come and work HIS magic. (I think she'd like to see this house bulldozed so he could build her a new one...LOL) But since he is a celebrity, meeting him plus getting a room makeover would count as two wishes. Oh, well! We are very grateful for what is happening and know that it will be so wonderful!

Gramma Dooley has sold the last of the unbelievable 3000 of them are floating around, literally all over the country. WOW. The cookbooks are going fast, too - only about 400 of them remain! Shannon's keeping some in his car, so if anyone needs one, just ask him.

Our Lady Redhawks are on their way to Austin, TX to play Oklahoma in the NCAA Finals on Saturday - good luck ladies! We'll be watching the game on TV!

I hope you all have a great weekend...enjoy some March Madness!

With love,