Monday, March 26, 2007

Screaming girls

Hello everyone,

Another week has flown by, yet one day seems to fade into the next without much difference. Sahara's doing about the same. She's being weaned off of the evil decadron, which is probably one of the most awful steroids known to man. One has to be taken off it very slowly, and it can cause side effects as the dosage is reduced, in addition to whatever it did to you when you were taking it in high doses. Not fun, but we are managing.

What a gorgeous weekend we had here in Southeast's easy to get spoiled with days like these, sunny and 80 degrees outside. Wow. Cape Girardeau is really pretty in the springtime. There are so many blooming trees and flowers, and a lot of streets look like scenes taken straight out of the pages of Southern Living. Our peonies have sprouted, and I can't wait to see those enormous white flowers again.

There's been a lot of good basketball to watch on tv these last few days! :) Shannon and Sahara have been glued to the tube and have really enjoyed the games.

Sahara asked me to tell her friends hello and that she loves and misses them. When she is feeling better, she will call you guys. Right now, she's just really tired most of the time and doesn't feel like having company...but please know that she thinks of you all the time. If we can just get her well, I am going to have the biggest sleepover party for you guys. I sooooo miss having screaming girls in the house!!!!!

We ask for your continued prayers and positive thoughts as we begin a new week. Sahara needs a jump start!

With love,