Saturday, March 10, 2007


Earlier this week, I sent Amy a great essay I read in the local paper. It tells the truth about having cancer--in a bold, funny voice. Amy approved, and shared her own voice: "I AM NOT STRONG. I am not a hero, nor am I an inspiration. I'm just a MOM, doing what a mom should naturally do."

If you would like to read the piece, it's online at,0,5088703.column?coll=ny-health-utility. Highly recommended.

Amy has other tidbits to report. I am insanely jealous because her daffodils are blooming. Mine are up, and the neighborhood rabbit kindly ate all my tulip leaves. Again. I am SO in the mood for rabbit stew.

Let's see... things are looking up!

It's been a good week. Very good, in fact. All of the prayers and well-wishes must've kicked in, because Sahara is doing so much better. Her attitude is brighter, she's laughing and cutting up more, and being extremely sassy. LOL. Her strength and coordination are ever-so-slowly trying to work together (she can pull herself up and sit herself down now...more than she could do a week ago). Thank God for great physical and occupational therapists!

Amy promises she'll have more for you this weekend. Be patient--I'm giving a dinner party tonight so I probably won't be updating until tomorrow. Oh, and whoever posted the dog jokes? Hilarious. Thanks.