Sunday, March 18, 2007

Reaching for the stars

Somehow it's Sunday night...where did my weekend go? I never even left the house! Thanks to a generous friend with a smoker, Sahara and her family feasted on two smoked chickens in front of a roaring fire this weekend--and Amy made Swiss macaroni and cheese. She does realize that when all this is over and Sahara is making three point shots on a basketball scholarship at college, we're all going to line up and let her cook us one of her infamous comfort food dinners, doesn't she?

For all of you who sent the details for Ty Pennington and Oprah, thanks. I know a bunch of you have taken that a step further. But I want to go out on a limb here and acknowledge some of the local folks who are going to sweat it out for Sahara. The Eagles Club in Cape Girardeau has taken on the challenge, and they're holding a fundraiser for Sahara on March 31, called A Fistful of Hollers.

And Make-a-Wish deserves our applause, too. Their task is incredibly difficult, but they have an enormous network of people who lovingly listen to each child. Their gift of a new room for Sahara is really quite amazing. So to them, and to all the vendors who supply the materials, all the bright minds who put together a design that is creative and functional, and all who come together with hammers and nail guns and drills and aching muscles, you are our heroes.

There are heroes all over the place in this battle, and I'm constantly putting my hand over my mouth at what people have done. The overwhelming majority have opened their hearts and given generously: prayers, good wishes, ideas, and yes, money.

It all matters. And it's all helping.

One last thing, while we're on the subject of helping. On Saturday, May 12, there will be a fundraising luncheon called Rockin for Hoops in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The organizers, Teresa and Linda, are putting together a fun event to help Sahara--and celebrate Rick Springfield's talents. As of this weekend, Teresa had just 19 tickets left. I've got mine, and I'm looking forward to sharing Sahara's story with the audience. Send me an email if you're interested in going, or if you have something wonderful to donate for the raffles.

What are you waiting for?